Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa

Small Predator Hunting

One of Thaba Mmoyo Safaris' specialties is hunting the small African predators. Most people are familiar with the big cats, Leopard and Lion, but few people know that there are several small huntable predators.  

The African Civet, African Wild Cat, Caracal, Small and Large Spotted Genet Honey Badger, Bat-eared Fox and Black backed jackal are all examples of the small predators indigenous to our area. In addition to these we also offer Serval and Cape Fox hunts in Mpumalanga.

Since the cats are nocturnal, dusk to early morning is the best time to find them out hunting. Several methods are used in hunting the small cats and predators. This night hunt will keep you out of bed until the early morning hours lamping and should be conducted at dark moon. 

Firstly, like Leopard, the smaller cats are carnivors and are attracted to bait.  We hunt them from blinds over baits. This type of hunting needs a hunter to have the right mindset, although modern technology makes it easier with trail cameras it still takes a lot of persistance and hard work.

Another method can be fun for the whole family. As we drive you around the different areas spotlighting for the predators, you get to see the plains game of the day in their night time roles. Don't be fooled by how easy this method sounds. Hunting cats by spot light is no walk in the park, but behind every bush lies another surprise waiting to be discovered.

A third way to hunt these predator is by predator calling, most of these small predators respond very well to a predator call especially the Serval and Caracal.