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Masukwe Clinic Project

Our hunting area in Zimbabwe is called the Malipati Communal Area bordering the Gona re Zhou national park.  There are 84 villages in the area apprising of about 100 families in each village.

Although this is one of the poorest economic areas in Zimbabwe, the people are innovative, entrepreneurial, and hardworking, trying their best to care for their families in a very harsh economic landscape. With inflation hitting 90% in February 2023, it is a bleak outlook for the future.  But despite all the hardships the people are happy, content and very grateful for everything they achieve together and thankful for the generosity of people that help them out.

Parks and Wildlife in Zimbabwe started the Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) project in 1975.  It is a community-based wildlife conservation project to approach wildlife as a renewable and profitable resource.  The purpose of the CAMPFIRE project is to empower the Zimbabweans who lived near these communally owned wildlife areas by encouraging tourism to the region.

Our area is part of the CAMPFIRE Initiative, we pay the communities for the animals hunted and also take part in community projects to uplift the people as well as the conditions in the area.

The villagers in the Masukwe area have used their CAMPFIRE money to build a clinic in the village, as the nearest clinic/medical facility is over 15 miles (25km) away.  This is a small clinic with space for 8  beds.  The local committee overseeing this project are very proud of what they have achieved so far with the money earned from Thaba Mmoyo Safari hunts.

For our part in this community initiative, we have sunk a well nearby for water.  We would like to go further and outfit the well with a solar pump and connect it to the clinic 500 yards away so that there is running water available in the clinic.  There is no running water or electricity in the area, it is of the utmost importance to complete the project as soon as possible.

Funds are needed to buy the solar pump, pipes and accessories complete the project. As well as to start building an apartment for the nurse which will be the third phase of the community initiative, we are planning to start in 2024.

Many of our hunting clients and friends have most generously helped with funding for these and other projects, we are extremely grateful for their open hearts and generosity.  I ask if you would like to join hands with us to complete this project as soon as possible for the people of Masukwe community.  Please see pictures attached of the area.

You are most welcome to visit us, and we will show you this incredibly beautiful area and remarkable people in Zimbabwe.

Contact Liandra or Fanie if you would like to donate to this very worthy project.