Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa

Bow Hunting: The Ultimate Stalk

Bow Hunting is for many hunters the ultimate challenge. Getting close, undetected, and using a short range weapon offers to many, the thrill of a life time. That is easier said than done on the wary African game.  

Come hunt the African bush the way the locals have for hundreds of years. Thaba Mmoyo Safaris has set aside areas specifically for bow hunters.

Water hole hunting is not only a great way to bag that big trophy, but a great way to see all the wild and bird life up close.  Our bow hunting blinds are set up with vertical slots.  The normal shot distance is between 25 - 35 yards over a water hole.

We recommend a minimum of 45lbs for a plains game hunt and a minimum of 75 - 80lbs for a buffalo hunt.  

The best bow hunting times are during the dry months of the year when the moon is dark, August, September, October and November.