Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa

On the Wing

Thaba Mmoyo Safaris offers good quality wingshooting, we have fantastic areas for land and waterfowl as well as dove and pigeons in various parts of our country. We can offer you either a short bird shoot as an add-on after you have succesfully comleted your safari or we can take you to various locations to shoot all our different gamebirds.  Bird hunting is seasonal bound and needs a special permit.

Land Fowl:

Guinea fowl and numerous sub species of francolin as well as quail are flushed out of long grass, corn ans wheat fields or by walking them up with trained dogs.  They can also be driven over the shooters by beaters.  


Waterfowl hunting is very exciting, we either hunt the flight paths to or from a body of water, we also set up hides along side harvested grain fields for duck, Egyptian and Spurwing geese.  

We offer two shoots a day, starting in the morning at 5am till 10am.  Then a second shoot in the afternoon from 3pm until dark.  May, June and July are the best months 

Dove & Pigeon:

This is a very exhilirating shoot!  A rock pigeon will dive from 40 yards high in full flight to a mere 2 feet from the ground to out manouver a gun.  This hunt is most productive from late February to early April, when the Sunflowers and Wheat are harvested on the outskirts of our bigger cities and crop growing regions.  On a lucky day a hunter can expect to fire between 250 - 500 shells.